Who is Stronger?

By: panoramaofthoughts

Apr 21 2013

Category: Animals, Daily Dose, Fun, Pets


Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S210

Mishti (the orange female cat) was no match for Dushtu (male orange cat), ever…not when they were one month old or six months old. She was the timid, sweet one. Dushtu always won with her.

But when it came to K.T (grey female), Dushtu found all his strength disappearing. Not only was she more courageous (it takes courage to hiss at huge dogs when you are just a kitten) but she would tolerate no nonsense from anyone.  And definitely not from her brother Dushtu 🙂


15 comments on “Who is Stronger?”

  1. Your cats are so cute! Simba is getting used to my other two cats back home. My grey cat Rocket is always curious whenever I go visit, however she’ll hiss at Simba and put him in his place. They have yet to bond.

  2. They told me that it is very seldom that a male cat beat up a female, my Whiskey he gave little Zoda some good slaps … nearly every day, just slaps, so I talked to the vet about it. When they were wrestling of course Whisky won. Lovely shot. How many cats do you have ?????

    • You are right. Dushtu never beat up his sister but when they played together, he used to always win, always be on top, be in control. But they never slapped each other…they were kind to each other, maybe because they were siblings. But with the grey sister- he was always the submissive one.
      Well actually, it all begun with Meow (who is now dead), she had two litters…the first one died (got eaten by stray dogs), the second one comprised of – Dushtu, Mishti and K.T…and I keep putting their pics as a daily dose. All three have now grown up.

    • Btw, would love to see any pics that you might have of Whiskey and Zoda! 🙂

      • I had one photo of them seperated … but they where so light damaged, I have to look if I had them somewhere in the draw, haven’t had them up since I moved back to Sweden.

  3. What a wonderful picture. Thank you so much for your like. I’ll be in mourning for awhile.

  4. Beautiful picture..a scene commonly found in our house…my Bonsai sized Pickles (tabby) always takes on her very big little sister Dinnermintz (ginger/white tabby) it’s very amusing seeing this little girl trying to wrestle …thanks for popping in to my blog and i will enjoy following yours 🙂

  5. I feel a strong urge to rub that spotty belly! So cute!

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