You bet I am dissatisfied!!!

By: panoramaofthoughts

Jul 14 2013

Category: Animals, Beauty, cats, Daily Dose, Fun, Nature, Pets


Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S210

Dissatisfied? You bet I am dissatisfied! Who wouldn’t be? I am the Lord of this empire and look what you do – you make me WAIT for Food!!!

5 comments on “You bet I am dissatisfied!!!”

  1. Oh no! How long did they make you wait? Poor you 😉

  2. Poor baby…looks like you caught a case of the Ginger whingers from Dinnermintz 😉
    Hugs Fozziemum x

  3. Poor Dushtu…maybe your personel doesn’t hear what you have to say. Let’s meow all together by three… 🙂

  4. There’s not much worse than an upset to a cat’s daily routine.

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