Going Somewhere?

By: panoramaofthoughts

Jul 20 2013

Category: Animals, Beauty, cats, Daily Dose, Fun, Pets


Focal Length:6.3mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:COOLPIX S210

Dushtu: Going somewhere, Fatso?

Me: Why do you ask Dushtu? You want to come along too?

Dushtu: Why would I ever want to do that??? This is my territory and I wanna be here. I just wanted to know whether you have made proper arrangements.

Fatso: Oh that is so sweet of you baby. Ofcourse, I have made arrangements…I am taking everything I will need during the journey.

Dushtu: Seriously Fatso, I am talking about serious stuff here. I was talking about my meals…have you made proper arrangements for my meals to be served on time???

3 comments on “Going Somewhere?”

  1. Look at those eyes … so full of worries and concern … yes, meals are important. Wonderful shot.

  2. Meals are very impawtant!

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